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"There is really something wrong when I have to go all the way to Salt Lake to get a good selection of great seafood (at any price). Since my wife and I moved to Phoenix, we go back to Salt Lake for two reasons, to see our kids and to visit the Oyster Bar! Not necessarily in that order."
Richard Hansen, January 2004

"Just the name of a Gastronomy restaurant can make mouths water."
Mina Jensen, Salt Lake Tribune, October 2003

"With it's sophisticated menu and cosmopolitan ambiance, it's no wonder that downtown Salt Lake City's New Yorker is a popular pick for those entertaining clients from outside of the Beehive State."
The New Yorker
Melissa O'Brien Fields and Jenis Skly, Utah Business Magazine, September 2003

"The Market Street Grill at Cottonwood offers one of the most beautiful settings you can find in an urban area."
Market Street Grill/Cottonwood
Nancy Hobbs, Salt Lake Tribune, June 2003

"The New Yorker helped raise the fine dining standard in Utah."
Valerie Phillips, Deseret News, April 2003

"The New Yorker serves the Rolls-Royce of business lunches."
The New Yorker
Salt Lake City Weekly, April 2003

"Market Street Grill…offers desserts…for the most demanding sweet tooth."
Market Street Grill
Salt Lake City Weekly Readers Choice, April 2003

"Baci Trattoria, one of Salt Lake City's growing list of fine restaurants, brings a cosmopolitan flair to Utah's capital."
Baci Trattoria
Terry Richard, The Oregonian, February 2002

"Best Seafood. Market Street Grill…These people fly in hundreds of pounds of fresh fish every day. From the boat to your plate, as fast as anyplace…"
Market Street Grill
Observer/Charlotte, North Carolina, February 2002

"Baci Trattoria is one lively dining choice."
Baci Trattoria
Delta Sky, Section Destination, February 2002

"Dining at Baci Trattoria was a great experience following al long week at the Olympics. I could not have felt more at home."
Baci Trattoria
Dorothy Hammill, February 2002

"…there is one really good restaurant - the Market Street Grill…"
Market Street Grill
Alan Abrahamson, Los Angeles Times, February 2002

"Hot Spot: Market Street Grill in downtown SLC is known for attracting diners who need a "fish fix" at lunch or diner, but breakfast there gets downtown workers ready to face the work day."
Market Street Grill
Penny Parker, Rocky Mountain News, February 2002

"Every city has its special watering hole where the fortunate break bread. The New Yorker is the city's power restaurant par excellence."
The New Yorker
Delta Sky Best Biz Section, February 2002

"I have never tasted oysters that were any fresher than the ones I had at the Oyster Bar…but their steaks are as good as any I've tasted in this town."
The Market Street Oyster and Market Street Grill
Ted Scheffler, Salt Lake City Weekly, March 2001

"Being the first to fly impeccably fresh seafood twenty-five years ago, Market Street forever changed the meaning of seafood in Utah.
The Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar
Salt Lake Magazine, April 2001

"The Market Street Grill is a good place to take the family if you're trying to teach your kids to appreciate fine seafood."
The Market Street Grill
Salt Lake City Magazine, February 2001

"If you need to prove to someone from out of town that Salt Lake is a real city, Baci can do just that."
Salt Lake City Magazine, February 2001

"No other restaurant in town can touch the seafood menu at the Market Street Broiler, except for the other fish houses also owned by Gastronomy."
The Market Street Broiler
Ann Wilson, Salt Lake Tribune, December 2001

"The Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar in Cottonwood was an instant success and has become a local favorite because of its reasonably priced brunch…and delicious seafood."
The Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar/Cottonwood
Sherl Showe, The Event, March 2001

"Every detail at the Market Street restaurants is given attention. Their chowders are wonderful. Their seafood salads are marvelous. And they're all fresh, fresh, fresh."
Market Street Restaurants
Salt Lake City Weekly, Readers Choice, March 2001

"For fish and shellfish lovers, Market Street restaurants offer a selection no other restaurant can touch."
Market Street Broiler
Anne Wilson, Salt Lake Tribune, November 2000

"…The chef at the Oyster Bar is a master of seafood ingenuity with his creative preparations, glazes, sauces and salsas to compliment the flavors and textures of a variety of seafood selections."
The Oyster Bar
Sheral Schowe, The Event, July 2000

"A fine dining experience featuring fresh seafood, beautifully prepared and served in stunning surroundings."
The Oyster Bar
Small Business Administration, May 2000

"As is usually the case at the New Yorker, the service at the Café was exceptional. Special requests were cheerfully accommodated. Knowledge of the menu was extensive. Friendliness was the order of the evening."
The New Yorker Café
Ted Scheffler, Salt Lake City Weekly, April 2000

"The fish is so fresh at Market Street, you could swear they just caught it."
Market Street Grill
Salt Lake City Weekly, March 2000

48 West Market Street  •   Salt Lake City, UT. 84101
tel: 801.322.2020  •  fax: 801.363.5275